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Two Geneva Goodies (English)

Wowowow what a night! It was so fun and amazing and interesting to meet all of you! Thanks you so so much @foodhackch to have given us this opportunity! And a special big thanks to all of you that made us taste your delicious food! 📸 2: @cannellerebelle she makes INSANE #vegan speculos cupcakes as well as one of our main food category... HUMMUS and a delicious tapenade that I couldn't capture because Raphaël had already escaped back to Geneva with the pot 😅 📸3: @lesmartcake a delicous cake filled with superfoods to keep your sweet craving super healthy! (Sorry I ate the Chocolate one before the picture 🤤) 📸 4: @lesgranolasdejenny that must have been the best surprise of the night! I have been ordering this granola via Vita Verdura for months now and last night we finally met Jennifer herself! We also discovered that all benefits go towards charities that help out animals and that she personally goes to the foundation to give them the money to make sure it is well spent! Oh and why her Granola is exceptional? The secret (for me) is in the huge pieces of chocolate 😅🤤🤤📸 5: @saveurpimenthe absolutely Devine smelling spices that we cannot wait to mix with our clean veggies! As well as a tea that just makes you want to chill and sip forever! 📸 6: @iheartkeenwah small pieces of a quinoa bar with tons of healthy supplements that are sweet and super crunchy! The bag is huge and you can easily get away with 4-5 snacking days!

It was also such a pleasure to finally meet @maptitegourmandise and @bobiskuit and so so much more! Thank you again @armananaturk and @camillebossel for the beautiful event!


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