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Blog Baci di Dama (English)

Les Granolas de Jenny are gluten free granola made of corn flakes, 100% natural, sweetened with honey, a pinch of Vanilla bourbon from Madagascar, tons of love, and no chemical additives or preservatives.

They are available in two flavours: Swiss dark chocolate chips, and pecans, they are both so yum and crunchy, just the way I like granola!

Les Granolas de Jenny are also about the story of a sparkly, brilliant woman who lives in Switzerland and whose name is Jenny Cardle.

As Jenny tells me over a cup of coffee in a lovely coffee shop in Paris, she literally fell in love with granola during one of her many travels years ago.

When she went back to Switzerland, she decided to create her own granola recipe and it was so good and loved by her people that she decided to take the leap and launch her own brand, Les Granolas de Jenny, in 2014.

Part of the revenues of her company is reversed to her Association AUXAN, whose objective is to assure the protection of animals worldwide. You can get to know about it just here: It’s just marvellous, isn’t it ! Les granola de Jenny are not only good but by buying them, we make good to animals all over the world.

Les Granolas de Jenny are on sale in Paris at La Maison du sans gluten and you can spot the whole retailers list just by clicking here:

The good news is that they are also available for breakfast in many prestigious Hotels in Switzerland and in Paris like the famous Plaza Athénée!

And speaking of it, I was so happy to take some photos for Jenny at the Plaza to show you how her granola is served and how proud she must be to see the fruit of so much labour and passion displayed in such a beautiful location!

Bravo Jenny, well deserved! I am so happy for you!


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